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Calhoun loved sleeping over in Blood and Thunder. Unlike her stiff bunk and scratchy blanket in Hero's Duty, there was always a comfy queen size bed waiting for her with soft blankets and fluffy pillows. And, best of all, Sorceress was there.

The beautiful Bad Guy was a great companion to share a bed with. When they were alone in the bedroom, Calhoun loved to pounce on her, grab her around her slim waist and tackle her down to the mattress. Sorceress would laugh and squirm playfully and Calhoun would nuzzle her neck and kiss her lips and grin as the tips of her pale blue ears turned pink.

Then when they were both tired from their one-sided wrestling match they would fall asleep in each other's arms. Sorceress liked to cuddle and Calhoun was happy to oblige. She was warm and soft with curves in all the right places, and her long thick mane of silky blue waves was always fun to tangle her fingers in. Their preferred sleeping position was with Calhoun holding Sorceress from behind. Calhoun liked this because she could bury her nose in her partner's hair and breathe in the smell of her shampoo and kiss her shoulders and the tips of her ears and rub her fingers up and down the smooth skin of her stomach.

Sorceress enjoyed being touched and kissed and feeling Calhoun's warm, strong body pressed against her back and stroking the firm muscles of her arms with her fingers. She would sigh and giggle and purr, basking in her partner's affections. The first to fall asleep was usually Calhoun. As she drifted off, Sorceress would roll over to look at her and caress her hot cheeks and brush the messy blonde bangs from her eyes and leave feathery kisses all over her face. She would tell her she was beautiful over and over and call her 'Tamora', a privilege reserved only for her and only when they were alone.

When morning came Calhoun would wake up first and watch Sorceress sleeping. She would stroke her tangled hair and cheeks, smiling softly when she stirred or made a sound. If she could she would lay there and admire her all day, but that would be boring and time was short before the arcade opened. So she would wake up her sleepy, complaining girlfriend with kisses and cuddles and call her cute nicknames like 'doll face' and 'sweet cheeks'. If that didn't work she would tickle her until she laughed so hard she couldn't breathe.

Sorceress would pout over having to wake up so early, and Calhoun would grin and wrap her up in a tight embrace. They would lounge there on the bed like that for as long as possible, just enjoying each other's company and wishing they didn't ever have to be separated. They would usually plan their next meetings and talked about what they would do and where they would go that night.

And then all too soon it was time for Calhoun to go back to her game. Sorceress always went with her to the exit, holding her hand or her arm as they followed the path through the forest. Calhoun would carry her cruiser over one shoulder. She always brought it over when she came to visit so they could fly side by side, but she never used it when it was time to leave. That would end things too quickly and neither of them wanted that.

"Do you really have to go?" Sorceress would say when they got to the terminal. "It feels like you just got here."

Calhoun would smile and brush her long blue bangs aside to cup her cheek in her gloved hand. "Cheer up, babe. It's only until the arcade closes again. I'll be back before you even notice I'm gone."

Sorceress would smile back and lean in until their foreheads were touching. "I'll come to meet you," she would say, gazing deeply into her eyes and keeping her lips a breath away from hers. "You know I don't like to sit around and wait."

Calhoun's mouth would go dry and her knees would feel just a little shaky. "That makes two of us," she would murmur, pulling Sorceress close and pressing her lips against hers with just enough force to make her squeal with delight.

Then they would say their goodbyes and Calhoun would take the train out of Blood and Thunder. She would make her way through Game Central with a smile on her face and a spring in her step, not caring one iota if the people she passed started gossiping. Upon her return toHero's Duty her men would grin and chuckle when they saw her. She would shut them up with an icy blue glare, then resume her blissful smiling right up until the first quarter alert.

Sorceress would be there to see her when work was over. She would hold her and kiss her and call her cute nicknames and make her laugh. And when they were alone they would go back to her big comfy bed inBlood and Thunder for another sleepover.

The pairing of Calhoun and Sorceress came to me one day while I was wondering why Calhoun rarely gets shipped with anyone besides Felix and Brad. Combine that with me wishing to have her and Sorceress interact somehow and voilą! A crack ship was born! I call it Suddenly Lesbians, but since both parties are also interested in men Suddenly Bisexuals would be more accurate.

I wrote this as a break from Beauty and the Bricks. It's a fluffy one-shot drabble about a crack ship I made up to cope with some major life-changing stress and cheer myself up. It's also a bit of a challenge for myself since this is my first time writing a same-sex couple. So far it's not that different from opposite sex couple, as far as romance goes. I have some ideas for more short stories involving these two pairing, and I'd like to keep them rated E for everyone.

This might eventually lead to a prequel for my main fanfic, if I can think of some way to make it work with the BATB canon. For now it's just a silly AU crack ship for me to indulge in.

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